CSS font-size property not working in Internet Explorer

CSS (Cascading Style Sheete) font-size property does not work properly in Internet Explorer (IE) if spcified in this way,

font-size: small


font-size: medium

In mozilla firefox, it works fine.


Use em to specify the font size e.g.,

<style  type="text/css">
body {font-size: 0.75em;}

Inheritance can cause problems, for nested tags, when em or % sizing of the text is used. For example, if you create a style like

ul {font-size: 75%;}

then a nested list (another ul tag inside ancestor ul) is set to 75% of 75%, making the text in the inner ul smaller than the rest of the list text.

Workaround for this is, create an additional descendent selector style

ul ul {font-size:100%;}

and put it after the earlier style. Hence there would two styles (or may be more as per the nesting),

ul {font-size:75%;}
ul ul {font-size:100%;}

IE6 and earlier sometimes have problems displaying text when ony em units are used. To cope with this, there are two ways,

1) Either stick with percentage values like

font-size: 100%;}


2) Set the font size for the body of the page to percentage and then use em to size other text.

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